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The New Zealand Dance Company has just finished our sweeping 11 week Rotunda Australasian Tour that spanned the Tasman. We tootled to Tauranga in the north, to Dunedin in the south and across the ditch to Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Geelong.

Our tour consisted of 8 talented dancers, 1 NZ Army Band percussionist, 1 canny conductor,  1 terrific tour manager, 3 capable crew, 6 different brass bands (that’s 168 musicians), 16 whirling fans, 1 big red circle, 3 maces (2 broke) and ridiculous enthusiasm and energy as we took our moving and engaging dance theatre work around Aotearoa and Australia to honour the ANZAC Centenary of the Gallipoli landings.

We travelled a huge distance, 10,900km to be precise! We performed Rotunda to thousands of audience members aged from 5 to 85 in New Zealand and Australia and to one ghost at Her Majesty’s in Adelaide. This has been the biggest tour The New Zealand Dance Company has been on to date and we travelled in buses, cars, planes, coaches and tanks. (Not really tanks but we would have loved that….)

Crossing the ditch was a major achievement for us and we received a total of 13 (out of 13) great reviews there, featured on Channel 7 and Channel 10 news and hit the front cover of the Adelaide Review.

The Australian said, “Rotunda is a major Australian debut by this excellent company. Don’t miss it.”

We explored more of our own beautiful country that we are so lucky to live in, including Burnham Military Camp (thanks for having us NZ Army!) and we  spoke to so many people who had never been to a contemporary dance show before.

I saw Rotunda with a bunch of schoolgirls, the elderly and one snuffling baby who filled the silences with small hedgehog-like grunts that were oddly affecting… the whole crowd was enthralled. It opened doors & windows in my heart and mind. Thank you.” (Audience member Wellington Rotunda, 2015)

We have loved growing our networks throughout Australasia and have experienced such joy in bringing Rotunda to so many new stages. But we could not have done any of it without the support of all so many who believe in what we are doing.

Like many arts and charitable organisations, The New Zealand Dance Company does not just consist of artists, management and crew – it encompasses all the people who support us and enable us to bring this work to people all over the country and world. Whether that be families who invite our dancers into their homes, shopkeepers who display our posters in their front windows and hand flyers to their patrons, dance teachers who open their studios to us and invite their students to our classrooms and stages, students who devote time in our offices and studios creating connections, the many people who picked up the phone, emailed or enticed someone to attend a performance, and most significantly our sponsors and funders who recognised the immense value of this work – you are the life blood of our endeavors and all that we do would not be possible without the valued support we receive from you.

So to all who contributed to the immense success of Rotunda, we are grateful and we thank you. We are proud to have honoured the ANZAC Gallipoli Centenary by sharing this work with so many New Zealanders and Australians.