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Tamaki Tour

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The New Zealand Dance Company is excited to bring our Tāmaki Tour to Auckland Schools in June and July 2018 following the huge popularity of 2017’s programme.

NZDC has a mission to bring high-calibre contemporary dance performances to schools across Auckland. With engaging and comical works created by diverse, young choreographers, students love and find inspiration from this high energy programme!

You can book a performance at your school (30 minutes Primary Schools & 45 minutes Intermediate/Secondary Schools) of a collection of short works by young and emerging choreographers, including NZDC company members, with an optional Q & A afterwards. PLUS you can book a workshop(s) alongside the performance if you wish.

Bookings for Tāmaki Tour are available for primary, intermediate and secondary schools in the greater Auckland region during the following dates:

25 June – 6 July 2018
23 July – 27 July 2018

For enquiries, email us at [email protected], or call us on +64 9 378 7361


2018 Prorgamme

Collide – by Mia Mason

Mia Mason’s Collide is as the name suggested, a beautiful duet that expresses a tender, yet powerful collision between two lovers. She paints a story that is familiar to us all, a story of love, its sweet and bitterness, and the complex chemistry it projects.

Awesome Robots by Lucy Marinkovich

Inspired by the concept of Afrofuturism and Ethiopian dance from Eskista, Awesome Robot draws from the distinct characteristics of science-fiction and technology to trigger the audience’s limitless imagination. Complimented by Lucien Johnson’s rhythmic, electronic soundtrack Tone Science, Lucy’s work demonstrates polyrhythmic patterns that mimic the mechanical movements of a robot and is super fun for young audiences to enjoy.

Kaleidoscope – by Sean MacDonald

Celebrating beautiful landscapes inspired from New Zealand landscape painting by Don Binney, Colin McCahon and Rita Angus. Sean MacDonald creates an imaginative world where a band of movers travel through forests, mountains, beaches and valleys expressed through contemporary dance.

Blue Ink – by Chrissy Kokiri

Fascinated by the movement of the octopus, Chrissy created a duet that reflects the complexity of this creature and its habits. Rhythm, pulse, sensation…Chrissy elicits all of this in a palpable way through her choreography that leaves you wanting more.

Save Mart – by Taniora Motutere

Using a simple idea of costumes as props, Taniora playfully explores in three different solos what happens when these pieces of clothing become the central focus of his dancing. His smooth grooves and polished moves can’t help but make you smile while you’re watching Save Mart.