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Call for Volunteer Movement Chorus
“The Sea of Humanity”

The New Zealand Dance Company is  looking for a group of 25 volunteers, people with some basic movement experience, but not necessarily advanced dance training, to form a movement chorus for an upcoming production by Arts Laureate Michael Parmenter for the Auckland Arts Festival and New Zealand Festival in Wellington in March 2018. A separate chorus will be cast in Auckland, and in Wellington.

The work is a dance-opera called OrphEus, and though it includes the familiar story of Orpheus and Eurydice, it focuses strongly on the more social and political role played by Orpheus in the adventures of Jason’s ship the Argo.

“To deal with the more social and historical situations that I envisage staging”, notes Michael “I want to go beyond the limited number of elite artists who constitute the dancers of The New Zealand Dance Company and include movers from a broad range of ages, ethnicities, and gender/ sexual orientations. I wish, in other words, to create a movement choir that I call “The Sea of Humanity”.

“I look forward to working with this group of movers over a period of Saturday workshops from mid-January through March 2018, to create various scenes that will occur in OrphEus, including the aforementioned Sea of Humanity, guests/revellers at a marriage, the crew of the Argo (predominantly male), the mass of lost souls of the underworld, and the maenads: the followers of Dionysus, a revolutionary regiment of women. There will be opportunities to explore both choreographed mass movement, and individual characters and personalised movement expression.”

This will be a unique opportunity not only to rehearse and perform with the dancers of The New Zealand Dance Company, but also with musicians and singers of the international stature who will play and sing a sumptuous score of French baroque music for the production.”

Auditions will be held in:

Sunday, 26 November 2017
2.30 pm – 4.30 pm
Te Whaea – 11 Hutchison Rd, Newtown, Wellington

Saturday, 9th December 2017
2.oo pm – 4.00 pm
Wellesley Studios – 113 Wellesley Street West, Auckland


**Please note, for your application to be successful, your full commitment is expected for all scheduled rehearsals. (NZSD students that are involved in the graduation ceremony are exempt from auditions but are still required to confirm commitment and availability of all scheduled rehearsals.)
Additionally, due to the creative brief of this production, we will only be considering applicants that are 17 years old or older.