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The New Zealand Dance Company has created three NCEA Education Resources for the use of schools, based Malia Johnston’s Brouhaha from NZDC’s programme Lumina or Shona McCullagh‘s works Rotunda and Trees, Birds, then People.


    The New Zealand Dance Company has created a third NCEA Education Resource based upon Brouhaha from NZDC’s production Lumina.

    Brouhaha was created by NZ choreographer Malia Johnston and her long standing creative partners composer Eden Mulholland and AV Designer Rowan Pierce.

    This resource is a guided exploration of Brouhaha as a choreographic model for senior secondary school dance students.

    The resource includes step-by-step processes for making movements for a group, two dancers or individual dancers.

    The tasks throughout the resource could be used as one-off activities, or as steps towards choreographing a dance or sequence for the following NCEA Level 1 and 2 achievement standards:

    • 90858 (1.1)  Compose dance sequences for given briefs
    • 91205 (2.1)  Choreograph a group dance to communicate an intention
    • 91206 (2.2)  Choreograph a solo dance to communicate an intention

    The tasks in this resource may also be used to create movement and choreographic intentions for choreography for NCEA Level 3 Dance.

    Many of the tasks may also contribute to providing evidence towards:

    • 90860 (1.4) Demonstrate understanding of the elements of dance
    • 91210 (2.6) Demonstrate understanding of a range of choreographic processes

    The Brouhaha resource is available as a set which contains: a 166 page Teachers workbook which includes 15 student worksheets, a DVD including footage of theatre performance, studio showing and each section of Brouhaha for easy reference.

    The price for the  Brouhaha resource is $175 (+GST) and Postage & Packaging.



    The New Zealand Dance Company has created a new NCEA Education Resource based upon carefully selected sections of Shona McCullagh’s full-length work, Rotunda.

    Rotunda observes the centenary of the First World War and offers rich models of choreography and performance.

    The new resource targets course work for Level 3 and Scholarship dance students. It covers learning resources for:

    ✔    3.1, 3.2 and Scholarship Choreography
    ✔    3.3, 3.6 and Scholarship Performance reflection
    ✔    3.7 Analyze a dance

    In addition to meeting exam needs, the Rotunda resource offers rich learning about how to choreograph and apply performance practices. It is written as a programme of work for your senior students with a step-by-step process for choreography and performance activities designed for 3.6 and Scholarship.

    Interesting features of Rotunda which extend student knowledge include being set in the round; the role of a dramaturg in developing choreography (interesting for teachers to hear!); and a live brass band.

    The DVD includes the full-length work, exam excerpt and in-depth interviews with:

    •      Choreographer Shona McCullagh
    •      Musical Director Don McGlashan
    •      Dancer Tupua Tigafua
    •      Costume Designer Jane Holland
    •      Dramaturg Michelanne Forster
    •      Lighting Designer Paul O’brien

    The resource is $175 plus GST (and postage & packaging).
    Please contact [email protected] for more information.

    **Please note the Rotunda DVDs are currently out of stock, the estimate shipping date for this resource is currently 18 February 2019.


  • NCEA Educational Resource: Trees, Birds then People

    The New Zealand Dance Company has created an NCEA Educational Resource, which is available for purchase now. It is based upon Shona McCullagh’s Trees, Birds then People a remarkable piece with music by Gareth Farr, featured in our performance Language of Living.

    Language of Living is touring nationally in April-May 2014 to centres including Tauranga, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Christchurch and Invercargill and additional YEP! workshops and performances will also be available in Hamilton, Te Puke, Nelson and Dunedin during this tour.

    This very thorough resource is available as a set which contains: a Teachers Workbook, a Students Workbook, and a DVD with footage of Trees, Birds then People and interviews with the creative collaborators. $150 plus GST for the set.

    The Educational Resource covers:

    Learning and internal assessment resources for:
    ✔     1.3 + 1.5 + 1.2
    ✔     2.4 + 2.7
    ✔     3.7

    Comprehensive learning activities for interpreting, understanding and analysing a dance performance
    Teacher workbook with suggested responses and guidance on producing dance for performance assessment

    DVD of the work and in-depth interviews with:
    •      Choreographer
    •      Costume designer
    •      Musicians

    Additional NCEA relevance for:
    •      2.6 Choreographic processes
    •      3.8 Dance in Aotearoa New Zealand

    The resource is $150 plus GST (and postage & packaging).
    Please contact [email protected] for more information.


  • Stamps of Approval

    Testimonial from Juliet Cryns, Takapuna Grammar School:

    “We have found the Trees, Birds then People resource to be very comprehensive and thorough, with the interviews and student workbook providing all the revision work they need in preparation for exams. I love that it has the full dance performance on it, as well as the NCEA excerpt. We have used it for the last two years and I have been impressed with the depth of student’s understanding of the work. This has also been a valuable timesaver for myself, and allows me to focus my energies on developing class activities to compliment the resource.”

    Testimonial from Leone Neal, Whangarei Girls High:

    “What an amazing resource it is. The DVD has the full 17min dance as well as a short clip that would suit NCEA external study. Also, it has in depth interviews with Shona (choreographer) talking about her intention, choreographic process, devices she used, structure, the set, just everything you could possibly want for external study. It also interviews the costume designer, and musicians!

    The best thing about it is my students really like it. There is enough depth, and touches of humour to keep them interested, and parts of it are simple enough for them to actually dance it. If you’ve seen the NZDC perform this live you will know how fantastic the set and costumes are…so there is heaps to write about. There is a very comprehensive student workbook, and teacher’s answer booklet! I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”