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Review: Lumina performance a blend of light and dance at TSB Showplace

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The Absurdity of Humanity
The New Zealand Dance Company
TSB Showplace, Taranaki
May 30 2016

David Burroughs, Taranaki Daily News

When a dance troupe of the calibre of the New Zealand Dance Company visits New Plymouth, it’s worth going along.

The company was in town to perform Lumina on Friday night, direct from a tour of Holland and Germany.

It’s hard to describe something that takes your breath away.

But in some ways, it could be described as what the Len Lye Centre would look like if it were alive, with the movement and energy on the stage replicating what can be seen in the exhibitions.

The performance was a combination of dance and light, sometimes blending and other times contrasting.

The common element in every performance was a giant tetrahedron that was moved to various spots around the stage.

But aside from that, every performance was different and surprising.

Balancing a stick on your head may be child’s play, but balancing seven or eight on your body while gliding across a stage is a show of immense skill and just one of the shows in the performance.

At times, it was hard to believe that there was only eight dancers on the stage, as there was so much action happening.

It was difficult to find one place to settle your eye for fear of missing something somewhere else.

The performance held young and old spellbound, with one young girl replicating the moves from her seat as they played out on stage.

Dancer Katie Rudd returned back to her home town of New Plymouth to perform alongside dancers from Australia and China.

The music was also a standout, with each track blending into the next and drawing the viewer into the dance.

It was a truly wonderful show.

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