KIM Jae Duk


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KIM Jae-Duk is the Artistic Director and Choreographer of Modern Table Dance Company, as well as T.H.E Dance Company’s very first resident choreographer. Jae Duk’s works have been described by critics as among some of the most attention-grabbing, refreshing and innovative. His works shed light on sections of society that do not necessarily fall into the standard mould. Jae Duk holds a Masters in Choreography from the Korea National University of the Arts and is currently pursuing a PhD in Dance Studies at Sungkyunkwan University. He was previously a member of the LDP Dance Company. In 2007, he received the third prize from Seoul International Dance Competition and first prize in Choreography from Seoul Dance Festival. His 2010 piece, Darkness Poomba, was selected for a dance section of PAMS CHOICE.

Jae Duk is creating a work for The New Zealand Dance Company for the upcoming production Kiss the Sky.