female and male dancers in studio black and whitePhoto credit: John McDermott

Level 1 Dance Study Guide – Coventry Carol 

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Level 1 Dance Study Guide – Coventry Carol

Coventry Carol is a short dance in the middle of a full dance work called Rotunda. Rotunda was first performed in 2014 to commemorate 100 years since the start of World War One.

Rotunda is a major work of The New Zealand Dance Company, choreographed by NZDC Artistic Director Shona McCullagh. It is a heartfelt piece that celebrates the role brass bands have played in New Zealand society since 1875. It also commemorates the loss of innocent, good young men who were slaughtered or left traumatised by the events of often ill-planned battles during the First World War and leads us to hope that violence and bloodshed will one day end on this planet.

The work draws from the extraordinary courage and indomitable spirit of NZ men, and the women who set about running the country with aching hearts and the dread their men might not return.

Coventry Carol is the 7th of 19 sections of the dance work Rotunda. It is the last dance in the first part, ‘before the war’. Part Two is ‘during the war’ and Part Three ‘after the war’.

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If you are interested in the full NCEA resource ‘The New Zealand Dance Company Rotunda Educational Resource’ please click here. This hard copy resource includes footage of the full performance and a teacher/student workbook targeted at Scholarship level but suitable for other level dance students.